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Dr Oz Show 8/10/11 : Dr Oz’s 50's Prevention Guide

Dr Oz Show 8/10/11 : Dr Oz’s 50's Prevention Guide. On the Dr. Oz Show today, Medical doctor Oz devoted all the hour to ladies in their 50's! His or her prevention guide intended for living longer and also healthier lives moves like this:
Chapter Just one: Menopause

The guest for this segment seemed to be Dr. Warren, a gynecologist. She says that affects us profoundly when we have 'abnormal' amounts of estrogen once we go through menopause. Endocrine replacement therapy is debatable, because it’s not for you. There are some risks of cancer of the breast, heart disease and thrombus. Dr. Warren says those risks are low in healthy women though, so she is your proponent of HRT.

Two natural strategies to replace your human hormones are by ingesting black cohosh tea plus sage tea.
Chapter 3: Cancer

The wedding guest for this segment has been oncologist Dr. Marisa Weiss. She states every women older than 50 needs to have stood a mammogram at age 40 and each and every year afterward. Your first colonoscopy should be at age 50 and skin carefully consider squamous, basal and melanoma. Screenings are the difference between daily life and death.

You'll want to eat the full rainbow of colors in your diet too, to get enough minerals.
Chapter 3: Exhaustion

The guest in this segment was cardiologist Dr .. Nieca Goldberg, and she says it’s vital to get your thyroid gland test. Either overactive or underactive thyroid can result in exhaustion. You should also purchase a CBC (complete blood add up) to check for infection and anemia. Stress as well as depression, lack of sleep likewise cause exhaustion. Nonetheless it can also be a symptom associated with heart disease. Be sure you have got a thermometer in your house, so you're able to take your temperature and rule out illness.

To combat anemia, consuming shellfish and dark green leafy vegetables is required.
Chapter 4: Heart Disease

There are three statistics you should be aware of at all times: Your blood pressure, ldl cholesterol and blood sugar. A fasting blood sugar stage should never be more than 100, no excuses. Or else you have pre-diabetes or diabetic issues. Your HDL has to be more than 50 and also your LDL less than A hundred. Most important is the hypertension levels. Optimal is 115/75, also it should never be more than 140/90.

Physician. Oz recommends not one but two baby aspirin, 700 mg of omega-3 fatty acid and a glass involving red wine as being perfect for your heart.
Health supplements for Women Over 50

Coenzyme Q10: Fundamentally important for power. Take 200 mg daily.

Chia Seeds: Successful at weight reduction, as they provide a lot of fiber content. 1 scoop and also about 15 grms per day.

Turmeric: Exceptional for helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disorder. Take 1/2 teaspoon each day in your food.

Multi-Vitamin: Inhibits chronic disease by way of filling in the gaps of nutrition in your diet. You don’t need an expensive model, just be sure it has less than 2500 IU of Vitamin A and avoid iron. Dr .. Oz says you’re definitely not losing red body cells after you halt menstruating so you don’t need as often iron.

Calcium, This mineral & Vitamin D: Needed for bone health. The particular hips are the most likely to fracture in women over age 40, due to osteoporosis. 20% associated with hip fractures are followed by death inside of a year. Yikes! Doctor. Oz says it’s imperative that you eat yogurt, sardines in addition to greens for best bone health.

The second common bone bone fracture is the spine. Whenever you don’t get enough calcium supplements in your diet, your bones release it in order to reach your needs. But as a result them brittle and easily fractured. Therefore you really should take a supplement. Carry 1,000 IU with Vitamin D a day, and take it having 600mg of calcium as well as 400mg of magnesium. These problems work together to help the body absorb them thoroughly.
3 Items to Look Younger

 To combat Crows Feet all-around your eyes, you need a component called Argireline. It imitates the effect of Botox comestic injection, so look for anti-wrinkle creams that contain any 5-10% concentration of it, while that will be most effective on fighting crow’s feet.
 To overcome Scaly Skin, you need to exfoliate. It can be caused by environmental sun damage or hormone reduction, and you need to get exfoliants that have Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Zinc increases collagen production as well as removes dead skin cells.
 To overcome Age Spots, you need Azelaic Acid solution. It inhibits melanin which can be what makes the age spots. Don’t waste your money upon age spots creams of which don’t contain it.

Top Reasons to Make love After 50

 Having sex at least 2 times a week will help prevent colds by means of boosting your IGA levels.
 70% of females surveyed said that making love got better after 50, according to the National Authorities on Aging.
 85 calorie consumption are burned in the course of 30 minutes of love-making.
 The average amount of foreplay for many of us couples lasts 20 minutes.

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